Loughborough University Appointments

Emeritus Professor ( 2009- )
Professor of Construction Management (1986- 2009)
Director of Strategic Business Partnerships, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer (2002-2006)
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (1997-2002)
Dean of Engineering (1992-1997)
Head of Civil Engineering (1987-1993)
Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Reader (1970-1986)

International University Appointments

Advisor in the creation of The British University in Egypt 1998-
Member Board of Trustees British University in Egypt 2005-
Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales, Australia.(1982)
Establishing a research centre in the School of Architecture.
Visiting Professor, University of Moratua, Sri Lanka.(1986-1996)
Establishing a postgraduate research and teaching capability, funded by ODA and ILO
Visiting Professor, Universiti Technologi, Malaysia (1996 ,2000, 2007 and 2008)
Choi Kin Chung Fellowship, University of Hong Kong (2000 and 2007)
Distinguished Visitor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2002)


Chairman: Loughborough University Enterprises Ltd( 2002-2006)
Consultancy and intellectual property management
Chairman: Loughborough Innovations Centre Ltd (2001-2006)
Incubator centre management and support of new and spin-out companies
Chairman: Loughborough University Utilities Ltd (1997-2002)
Provision of utility services
Director: Imago at Loughborough Ltd (2002-2006)
Conferences and events and management of facilities
Director: Loughborough University Consultants Ltd (1997-2002)
Consultancy company
Director: Peterborough Higher Education Project Co. Ltd (1997-2002)
Management of HE provision
Director: Innovation Partnerships, Worldwide Ltd (1998-2002)
Joint venture with BAeSYSTEMS providing educational services

Other Appointments

Editor: Engineering Construction and Architectural Management (1993-2014)

Editorial Panels

The International Journal of Construction Management. Editors Li Yin Shen & Edwin H W Chan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. ISSN 1562-3599
Engenharia Civil/Civil Engineering. Editor A Gomes Correira , Universidade do Minho, Portugal. ISSN 0873-1152
Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. Editor Hojjat Adeli, The Ohio State University, Ohio. Blackwell Publishing.
Building and Environment (The International Journal of Building Science and its Application) Editor E H Mathews, North West University. Elsevier Ltd.
International Civil Engineering Abstracts. Editor Richard Harris. Publishers Emerald

Public appointments

Member of the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (1994-2003)
Cranfield University Member of Court (1996-2003)
Council member Innovation east Midlands, The Science and Industry Council for the East Midlands (2005-2009 )


International Advisory Panel for PSIBouw
The Dutch Construction Industry National Research Programme 2004-2009
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Chair-General Engineering Review Panel 1999 and 2000
EPSRC :Technical Opportunities Panel (TOP)(2000-2004)
Research Assessment Exercise 2001-UK
Member of Panel for Unit of Assessment 28-Civil Engineering
EPSRC/Royal Academy of Engineering
Member-International Panel reporting on International Perceptions of UK Engineering Research (1999)
Hong Kong University Grants Committee
Member of Research Assessment Exercise 1999; for Built Environment Panel
Hong Kong University Grants Committee
Regularly referee research grant proposals and final reports