The MERIT Simulation

MERIT is a state-of-the-art WEB-based simulation of the management of a construction company.

MERIT was originally developed in 1988 and has been used since then as the annual National Construction Industry Business game for the Institution of Civil Engineers. A total of more than 15,000 young construction executives have experience training with MERIT, making it the most widely used and cost-effective training facilities in construction.

MERIT is a pseudonym for Management, Enterprise, Risk, Innovation and Teamwork.

It provides the essentials for construction professionals to augment their technical knowledge with the managerial skills required to manage a modern construction company.

Participants learn how to manage their own virtual company by making decisions that affect the various functions of the business, such as marketing, tendering, finance, overheads, personnel and construction, all in a 'safe' but realistic and competitive environment.

MERIT has been used in UK Universities and in  Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong,Australia, New Zealand,India, South Africa, Middle East, Europe, USA, Brazil.

MERIT is available as a training exercise on its own or as part of course programme in construction management for company in-house training or educational institutions. It can be operated on-site or run remotely anywhere in the world with internet access with the processing taking place at Loughborough.

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