Global Innovation in Construction Conference

Conference dates: 13-16 September 2009, Loughborough

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The Global Innovation in Construction Conference was a celebration of the contribution that academia and industry have jointly achieved through research and collaboration and an exploration of how research and innovation transfer will continue to develop. This conference provided a platform that allowed academic colleagues and their industrial partners to display and celebrate their achievements.


Note on proceedings


best paper


Martin Morgan Tuuli and Steve Rowlinson being awarded the Emerald Best Paper Award by Valerie Robbilard for their paper


at the Global Innovation in Construction Conference, Loughborough 2009. I'm looking on.


Their paper was entitled:


What empowers individuals and teams in projects? A critical incident analysis


Note Martin and Steve's shirts, perhaps they thought Loughborough was Tropical!


Below is Wim Bakens of CIB receiving a small token for chairiring the discussion on the way forward


Wim Bakens