Visit to Universiti of Teknologi Malaysia

During my visit to UTM  I took part in a Workshop on publishing articles in refereed journals. Below is a photograph of the delegates who were mainly research students in Civil Engineering at UTM. Below the picture are links to the slides that I used.

Workshop UTM Oct 2010 1


The workshop was based on my experience as Editor of Engineering Construction and Archtectural Management and as referee for other journals. I shared these experiences with the delegates through a slide show and through discussing draft articles that they had prepared. The audience was lively, energetic, enthusiastic and the discussion sessions were robust. Sadly that will not be obvious from the slides. I did promised the delegates that I would make the slides available. These are in two parts. Part 1 contains general advice from Emerald on the 'rules' about publishing and an introduction to ECAM.



Published articles in refereed journals-Part 1


Part 2 are my own comments which generated discussion.


Published articles in refereed journals-Part 2